We work hard to always maintain the highest standards,create original designs and keep our eyes on the future.


Sogo Design began in 1962, when our company’s founder put forward his basic principle: “The pursuit of beauty through interior design.”

Our work can be summed up into this: making a place for people to live – meaning creating a tangible environment for people. It is not something which can be achieved simply through new sensations or cutting edge technology.

The basic flow of all our design activities is from spirit to form (rather than form to spirit). Also, we are striving to express the organic relationship in human and nature. Even the form changes, we are always focused on one thing, with one common goal.


“Rather than simply gathering people together, we are creating new communities and new areas where people can have new encounters, create new societies and find happiness.”


As a business enterprise, the Sogo Design group takes all things that can be seen or felt in the heart and tries to infuse them with good taste and consider them from the points of view of both aesthetic and human values.