Sogo Design Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1962, and thanks to various people’s support, the Hong Kong office was established.


Sogo Design had also extended its network to other parts of Asia, including Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, but due to economic environment and other reasons, these offices are closed. Now Hong Kong office is the only remaining overseas office.


I was only a primary school student in Japan when the Hong Kong office was founded in 1985. At that time in my mind, Hong Kong was just one of the many cities in the world.


Since then, I have grown up, and started to work in Hong Kong after some experience in mainland China. I got very interested in history of Hong Kong, and got to know more about the city through walking around streets. I am more obsessed with Hong Kong nowadays, I enjoy watching Hong Kong movies and going to museum of history.


I hear that back then when our Hong Kong office just opened, there were no computers or mobile phones. Even to make a phone call, you had to book and wait for a day to get connected. It is hard to imagine how difficult it was.


However, under the difficult situation, our predecessors could continue dedicating themselves to serve clients, resulted in making a contribution to the society. I think it is all based on the connection and support provided by many different people in different times. Otherwise the company would not have been able to run its business for 30 years.


Our company’s main work is to make a store (commercial space) to suit the design era of time. Unlike architectural buildings that are kept for decades, our work normally does not last too long. I believe that our mission is to become a translator between our client and professional workers, in order for people’s desire to take its form.


I hope that our staff, as a translator between client and professional worker, share the clients’ desire and make a new era together.


Taku Yamamoto
General Manager